Our areas of expertise
RHM Consultants develops solutions based on dynamic and innovative thinking. But we don’t lose sight of the commercial realities of the market. Our enthusiasm is balanced with practical experience and our creative solutions are geared to the specific needs of our clients.

With this approach we can evolve solutions that are inventive and exciting, but at the same time practical, buildable and cost effective. Our purpose is to meet our clients’ objectives faster and with greater efficiency.

We investigate building defects, develop cost-effective remedial solutions, prepare remedial specifications and administer remedial contracts. We also help our clients develop strategic maintenance programs, asset planning and life cycle analyses. This ensures that buildings are maintained at minimal cost with maximum capital appreciation.

Building Defect Reports
Building defect inspections are undertaken on buildings where there exists a ‘legal’ responsibility on behalf of the builder/developer to rectify defective building work.

The rectification of defective building works can often prove difficult when builders refuse to acknowledge their responsibility or have ceased trading.

We provide reports that describe the defects and probable cause, including the classification of the defect, and list any breaches of the Home Building Act as well as the Australian Standards and Codes.

This report is then used when filing a claim with the Home Owners Warranty Insurer or the Office of Fair Trading.

Life Cycle Analysis
All buildings require maintenance and upgrading from the time they are constructed until the time they are demolished. Buildings also have an economic life, which is associated with capital value. In order to maintain this life and value, building owners need to devise a maintenance and upgrade strategy, also known as a Capital Works Fund (CWF).

In producing the CWF, we examine and assess the building, its components, facilities and surrounds. We can then prepare comprehensive cost budgets and programs for its present and future maintenance and upgrade requirements.

Dilapidation Survey
Dilapidation surveys are usually undertaken on behalf of developers/builders and owners to record the condition of existing properties that are adjacent to proposed new construction sites.
This type of survey sets out in detail the internal and external condition of the property, and is supported with photographs.
When the construction works are completed these reports are used as reference to identify any new defects or to determine whether existing defects have been further compromised.

Building Survey & Structural Assessment
Building surveys are undertaken on existing buildings to determine specific defects or non conformances. Also known as appraisals or audits, we examine building structures and assess, diagnose and report on the important aspects. This includes their stability, durability, impermeability and fire resistance.

Other Services
We also provide the following services:
• Correction of under designed buildings
• Design and specification for structural, building repairs and maintenance, including procurement of tenders
• Supervision of remedial work including contract administration
• Act as expert witness in litigation

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